Why I Sell Green Firewood

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        I sell *green birch firewood primarily because of economics. I harvest trees and process them into 20 to 25 foot logs at the timber sale a few loads at a time. Firewood is then loaded onto the log truck and delivered directly to the customer or to our yard in Salcha for further processing into stove length wood.  Firewood usually goes from living tree to customer woodpile in less than a week. To sell seasoned processed firewood would require that I stack, store, and cover the processed wood.  I would have to raise my per-cord price to cover the additional handling, as I would need to hire a few people to do the job. I would rather pass the savings on to my customers who choose to process, stack, and store their firewood themselves rather than paying an additional per-cord price for someone else to do it. 

        Another reason I like to sell green birch wood is because I never have to convince a potential customer that my wood is dry. In fact, I often declare that I have the freshest, greenest wood you can buy. Most customers are relieved not to have to haggle over dryness.

         Going to the forest to get firewood is time consuming and a labor intensive workout, plus there’s equipment needed that can be expensive to acquire. There are many people in and around the Fairbanks North Star Borough who can’t, or choose/prefer not to, go out into our local boreal forests to get firewood, but do enjoy handling and seasoning firewood in their yards. To be able to have firewood brought to their homes is beneficial. For these citizens, the option to purchase Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s green, 100% birch firewood is of great value, and not just economically. To have the opportunity to process, stack, store, and use firewood properly can be a wonderful family-building experience, a great way to learn and sharpen Interior Alaska life skills, plus is a great way to get in some serious physical activity! 

        It is often less expensive for our customers to purchase our green, 100% birch firewood to season themselves than it is for them to purchase birch firewood sold as dry in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. These money savings really count, and are important to not just these families’ personal economies, but our local economy. 

A Side Note: It seems that there are many interpretations of what “dry” or “seasoned” wood is. To me, it’s wood below 20% moisture content, and the only way to get birch that dry is to cut it to stove length, split it, and let it sit for 6-weeks (in ideal summer conditions) to 12 months. Drying time will depend on weather, what season the wood was harvested, how small it is split and where it is stacked/stored. Although birch that is cut and left to dry as a whole tree will loose a good deal of water, birch in the log will likely rot before it dries to 20% moisture content. For more information on this subject, click here for a PDF from the Cold Climate Housing Research Center titled “Curing Firewood in Interior Alaska”.

        There are many Interior Alaskans who prefer or choose not to, or cannot, cut their own firewood, but don’t mind handling and seasoning it in their own yards. 

~ Wayne Hunter (the Wood Cutter)

*Wayne does not recommend burning green wood prior to adequate seasoning because of chimney fire risks and other hazards.

Contact Wayne:

Phone – (907)-385-8346

E-mail – waynehunterthewoodcutter@yahoo.com

Alaska Business License Number – 920395 (Click the Number to See Our State of Alaska Business License Information, if You’d Like)

Click Here to Visit Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s Facebook Page

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