Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter Coloring and Activity Pages

        Hi Mom and Dad! If you would like to share  information with your children about your firewood purchase and or delivery from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter, the coloring pages below are a great way to do so!

        Children are often interested in seeing Wayne unload firewood, especially with Pinchie (his log truck). It is also interesting for many of them to learn about (on their age and understanding level) why firewood is necessary in Interior Alaska, the economics of burning firewood, the environmental aspect of using firewood, their firewood supplier’s job, and more. There’s nothing quite like discussing these things with one’s children to instill a sense of security and wisdom in them, in regards to their parents thinking ahead and insuring their family’s warmth during our extremely cold Interior Alaskan winters.

        Click any picture below to open its printable PDF file.

        If your child and you would like to share a completed Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter coloring and or activity page with Wayne, please feel free to do so! We will be honored to share it, with just the child’s first name (for your family’s privacy), on the Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter Facebook page! To share it, scan a copy of it, along with your permission as the child’s parent or legal guardian to share it on our Facebook page, and e-mail it to WayneHuntertheWoodCutter@yahoo.com or mail it to:

Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter
6091 N. Homesite Ct.
Salcha, Alaska 99714

       If you or your child have any questions about any of the pictures or about what Wayne does as a firewood seller, feel free to give Wayne a call at (907)-385-8346 or send him an e-mail at WayneHuntertheWoodCutter@yahoo.com.

Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter (1)

Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter (2)

Firewood Delivery Maze

Birch Firewood Words

Wood Road Clearing Bulldozer

What's Different?

Crossword Puzzle

"Pinchie", Wayne's Log Truck

Contact Wayne:

Phone/Text – (907)-385-8346 

E-mail – waynehunterthewoodcutter@yahoo.com

Alaska Business License Number – 920395 (Click the Number to See Our State of Alaska Business License Information, if You’d Like)

Click Here to Visit Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s Facebook Page

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