Prices, Purchase, and Delivery Information


Current Prices for Our *Green Birch Firewood or Fire-Killed (Dry, Ready-to-Burn) Spruce – Which Include Delivery to Anywhere in the Fairbanks North Star Borough and His Full-Cord and Customer Satisfaction Guarantees – Are:

Round (Non-split) Pieces, Approximately 16″ Long – $250.00 Per Cord

Split Pieces, Approximately 16″ Long – $300.00 Per Cord

Five Cords of Approximately Twenty-Foot Logs – $975.00 ($195 Per Cord, Sold Only in Five-Cord Amounts/Loads)

Custom Sizes Available, Call for a Quote

Stacking is available upon request, with the price depending on the distance the wood has to be carried.

For deliveries outside the FNSB we charge $2 per mile once he gets outside of the borough.

 * We do not recommend burning green wood prior to adequate seasoning because of chimney fire risks and other hazards.

To place an order, call or text 907-750-6128 or e-mail

Payment Information

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        We accept the following forms of payment:



Visa, Master, and Discover Credit or Debit Cards

Online through PayPal

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Delivery Information

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        Delivery to anywhere in the Fairbanks North Star Borough is free.  Delivery outside of the borough is $2 per mile starting when we leave the borough. 

        Delivery times are flexible.  We work with each customer to find a delivery time that works best for them.

~ ~ ~

Contact Us:

Phone/Text – (907)-750-6128

E-mail –

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3 Comments on “Prices, Purchase, and Delivery Information

  1. Do you sell any wood that is already seasoned? My daughter & her husband moved there & recently bought a house & have not had time to even start cutting wood. If not, can you recommend someone who does sell seasoned birch since that seems to be the best.

    • I’m so sorry for the delay in our reply – we are just seeing your comment :(. We have seasoned spruce, but not seasoned birch. At this time, we know of no one to recommend for seasoned birch.

  2. ordered spruce fire wood in rounds a month ago. what is going on? have not received it. no message as to when. are you still delivering spruce firewood?

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