Did you know that Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter is accredited by the Better Business Bureau? 

        “A Better Business Bureau is a private, nonprofit organization that provides services and programs to assist consumers and businesses. The focus of a Bureau’s activities is to promote an ethical marketplace by encouraging honest advertising and selling practices, and alternative dispute resolution. The services and programs offered by your Better Business Bureau can help you be a more informed, knowledgeable and satisfied consumer.” ~ Quoted from the BBB Page Found by Clicking Here

BBB Accredited Business Badge

        Becoming accredited by the BBB was one of the first things Wayne decided to do when making the major shift from part-time to full-time woodsman.  He joined on May 24, 2010 and retired from the U.S. Army on August 01 of that same year.  What does this accreditation mean?  Click here for the answer from the BBB site.

        Wayne joined the BBB so that his customers could have peace of mind about purchasing his wood.  Though he offered a full-cord guarantee, he wanted to go the extra mile for his customers.

        If you’d like to see Wayne’s BBB Business Review, click here.  He currently has an “A” rating with them due to the length of time he has been in business.  He is working on receiving an “A+” rating, which takes time, but thanks to his loyal and wonderful customers, it looks like he may just get it!

        Six months?  A year?  Two years?  The Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) here in Fairbanks did a fairly scientific experiment to examine just how fast firewood dries.  Below is a link to the complete report, but in short, spring cut firewood that was cut to stove length and split, dried to 20% moisture content in six weeks.  Fall cut wood did not dry to 20% throughout the winter and the experiment was terminated in May the following spring.  It would have been interesting to see if the wood cut in the fall would dry as fast as wood cut in the spring throughout the following summer.  Click here for the report, which is a PDF file. (Written by Wayne Hunter)

A Custom Split (Smaller than Usual) Piece of WHtheWC's Green Birch

A Custom Split (Smaller than Usual) Piece of WHtheWC’s Green – a.k.a. Unseasoned, Wet – Birch

A Custom Split (Smaller than Usual) Piece of WHtheWC’s Seasoned – a.k.a. Dry – Birch