Annual Widows Offer

Licensed *  Insured *

Better Business Bureau Accredited * 

Consistent 5-Star Customer Ratings and Reviews *

Family Owned and Operated

       Any Fairbanks North Star Borough widow age sixty-years or older is welcome to receive an annual free cord of Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s *green, cut, split, and stacked birch firewood. No purchase is necessary. This offer is valid any time of the year. If you qualify, just contact Wayne (information below) to receive your firewood!

A Happy Senior

Contact Wayne:

Phone/Text – (907)-385-8346 

E-mail –

Alaska Business License Number – 920395 (Click the Number to See Our State of Alaska Business License Information, if You’d Like)

*Wayne does not recommend burning green wood prior to adequate seasoning because of chimney fire risks and other hazards.

2 Comments on “Annual Widows Offer

  1. I just want to thank you for such a service. As a widow myself, (too young to qualify), I just get a warm spot in my heart for people who care so much for their fellow human beings. It’s just nice to know there are people who care.

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