Get Your Firewood Logs Now, Pay on PFD Day Information

        If you are planning to invest some of your PFD in a *five-cord log truck load of Wayne’s green, 100% birch firewood, feel free to give Wayne a call or text, or message him through this page or via e-mail, to set-up delivery now with payment due on PFD day. The price is $975 for five guaranteed cords. His call or text number is (907)-385-8346, e-mail address WayneHuntertheWoodCutter(at)yahoo(dot)com. Buy now, season yourself, and save money on next winter’s firewood with Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter, LLC!

*This delivery offer is for five-cord log truck loads only, as we are still catching-up on processed firewood orders. If you would like to go ahead and order processed firewood as a PFD investment, we would be honored to take your order and get it to you around PFD time (we are booked-out on processed until then).

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