Build a Remote Alaskan Cabin and Be on National TV!

        How would you like to build a remote Alaskan cabin *and* be on a national television show about building it? If this sounds like your dream come true or something you’d like to do, let us know!!!

        We were contacted yesterday by a woman who is working on producing seasons six and seven of the DIY Network television show “Building Alaska”. They need builders to feature! Here’s what she had to say, “The premise of the program is to track 3 different builders as they build a remote residential home/lodge from start to finish over the prime 6 month building season in Alaska (May-November or thereabouts). There is a monetary incentive to be on the show as well.”

        For more information on the show, just click this link

        If you need logs to build your dream cabin, look no further than Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter :)! He has a limited supply of spruce saw/house logs (as seen in the photos below)!



        For more information about being on the show and or the logs, give us a call at (907)-488-WHWC (9492), message here through Facebook, or e-mail us at WayneHuntertheWoodCutter@yahoo(dot)com.

        Please feel free to share this post with your Alaskan friends or those who dream of coming to Alaska to live the remote living dream!


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