Wayne Offers a Free Annual Cord for FNSB Widows

        If you know a Fairbanks North Star Borough firewood burning widow age sixty or over, please be sure to let her know that she is welcome to receive a free annual cord of Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s split, green 100% birch firewood.

        No purchase is necessary to receive this firewood. Here’s a link to more information, if you’re interested http://waynehunterthewoodcutter.com/annual-widows-offer/.

        Now is a great time to get local widows their firewood so that it can have time to *season for next winter’s burning.

        By letting these widows know about their free firewood, you are taking part in helping them save money and stay warm, which, in our area of Alaska can literally be life saving things to do. Thank you to those of you who share this information for caring about our local widows heart emoticon!

        To order, call us at (907)-488-WHWC, send us a message through our Facebook page, or e-mail WayneHuntertheWoodCutter(at)yahoo(dot)com.

*With proper storage, under normal weather conditions this spring and summer, the firewood can season enough in the warm months to burn cleanly next winter (here’s a link with more information about this from the Cold Climate Housing Research Center http://www.cchrc.org/sites/default/files/docs/curing_firewood.pdf).


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