A Birch Valentine’s Day Gift

        Nothing quite says “Happy Valentine’s Day!” from an Interior Alaskan like birch! Some ideas for sharing some Alaskan love on Valentine’s Day are to:

1. Make a birch cake and put your and your love’s initials on it! Here’s a tutorial link for such a cake – just scale it down in size if need be http://www.cakecentral.com/t/760582/birch-bark-tree-tutorial.

2. Make a nice warm fire from seasoned birch wood in your fireplace and plan for a quiet evening of snuggling with your love!

3. Take a whole piece of round birch firewood and carve or burn your and your love’s initials in it, with a heart around it! If you’re married, you could include your anniversary date, too! Set this in the yard as a decoration that your love will see when walking up to the house when he or she arrives on Valentine’s Day. This is a good way to share that romantic ‘initials carved in a tree feeling’ without the possibility of damaging a tree.

4. Burn your and your love’s names (for example: “Wayne Loves Nikki”) into a large, sanded, flat birch round, seal it with wood sealant, and put a hanger on the back for a wall decoration! Such a round could also be made into a clock by adding the pieces of a clock kit (found in local craft stores) to it!

5. Make personalized birch candle holders and use them as light for a nice romantic dinner! Here’s a link for making these http://lifeovereasy.com/diy-birch-log-candleholders/. Note: Please be careful putting a lit candle in firewood and keep a very close eye on the candle and holder while burning, as it seems that it would be pretty easy for the holder to catch fire, and nobody wants that for Valentine’s Day :).

        We’re all about love and happiness here at Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter, so if you are a Fairbanks North Star Borough resident who needs up to three complimentary pieces of the birch mentioned in this post to make a Valentine’s gift, give us a call at (907)-488-WHWC or e-mail WayneHuntertheWoodCutter(at)yahoo(dot)com. We’ll meet you at a local, public location with the pieces or you can come pick them up here in Salcha.

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