An Important Proposed Home Heating Ordinance Update

Input is Needed to Re-Write the Borough Assembly’s Proposed Home Heating Ordinance

        The sponsors of the recent Borough Assembly home heating ordinance (found at this link are writing a “cleaned-up substitute” and will try to have it done by the January 22, 2015 work session. This substitute will probably be the one that is voted on at the Borough Assembly/public hearing meeting scheduled for January 29, 2015.

        Now is the time to share comments with the Borough Assembly about the proposed ordinance. They will take these comments into consideration while writing the cleaned-up substitute, so that we may be able to avoid amending it “from the floor” at the January 29th public hearing.

        To share comments, we have two important opportunities:

1. Share them before the 22nd of January by e-mailing them to the assembly at

2. Go to tomorrow night’s (Tuesday, January 20th) Air Pollution Control Commission meeting at 6:30 pm in the Borough Chambers. The proposed ordinance is the topic of the meeting and public testimony will be heard.

        These are two wonderful opportunities to work together with the Borough Assembly to re-write this ordinance.


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