Wayne on KTVF: Air Quality Update

        Below, beginning at minute 2:49 and ending at minute 4:55, is some footage of Wayne working in the woods, as well as a few words from him about air quality regulations that were proposed at the time of filming (December 04, 2014). The piece aired on local television station KTVF on December 05, 2014.

        We are very glad to report that the proposed regulations referred to in the video have changed! Wayne did submit a written comment, as mentioned in the video, as well as voice his concerns at local meetings with officials on this matter. Now he and other green firewood sellers will not have to measure the moisture content of green firewood sold as green firewood, but note, by checking a box on an official form, that the wood they are selling is green or frozen.

        For more information on changes to the originally proposed regulations due to public comment, click here.


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