Wayne’s 2015 Early Bird Sale!

        Wayne is pleased to announce his 2015 Early Bird Sale! To help him stay-ahead of the spring and summer rush on orders, those who order their firewood today through this Sunday, January 04, 2015 at closing time (10:00 p.m.), and schedule their delivery for the months of January or February 2015, will receive $20.00 off the price of each cord ordered!

        This sale price *can* be used with $25.00 or $10.00 off per cord certificates, as well as Free Firewood Friday certificates!

Current Prices for Our Green, 100% Birch Firewood are:

$975.00 per Five Cord Log Truck Load – $875.00 with the Early Bird Sale

$300.00 per Cord Split (Pieces Approximately 16″ Long Each) – $280.00 per Cord with the Early Bird Sale

$250.00 per Cord of Rounds (Non-Split Pieces Approximately 16″ Long Each) – $230 per Cord with the Early Bird Sale

Each cord sold comes with Wayne’s full-cord and customer satisfaction guarantees, and free delivery in the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Each order comes with a complimentary customer information folder and moisture meter!

        If you would like to get this sale price, but need to defer payment until tax refund time or up until March 2015, you are welcome to contact us about doing so with a down payment of $150. We also have a two-option, zero-interest payment plan available (click here for more information about it, if you’d like).

        If you plan to order firewood from Wayne this year, *to season yourself and burn next winter, now is a *great* time to, “Buy Now, Season Yourself, and Save Money with Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s Green, 100% Birch Firewood!”

To order call (907)-488-WHWC (9492) or e-mail WayneHuntertheWoodCutter@yahoo(dot)com.

*If we have normal spring and summer 2015 weather in our area of Alaska, and if this firewood is split, stacked, and stored properly as soon as, or very shortly after it is received, the firewood *should* be seasoned enough to burn legally and safely next winter, though we can make no guarantees. Click here for a link to the Cold Climate Housing Research Center’s online article titled “Curing Firewood in Interior Alaska” that has more information on this, if you’d like.


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