How Purchasing Your Winter 2015 – 2016 Firewood from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter Can Help with These Twelve Popular New Year’s Resolutions

Important Note: Firewood purchased at this time (late December 2014 and in January and February of 2015) should, if we have normal spring and summer weather conditions in and around the Fairbanks North Star Borough – and if customers split, stack, and store their firewood correctly – season enough to be burned by next winter. Click here for a link for more information about this from the Cold Climate Housing Research Center.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Resolution #1 “Improve Self” – If improving oneself means being more prepared or getting things done in a timely manner, Wayne can help! Purchasing and processing green firewood now or in early 2015 means that one is *ready for next winter nearly a winter ahead of time!

Resolution #2 “Manage Debt” – Purchasing firewood from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter can certainly help with this! With his zero-interest, two-option payment plan, many customers can avoid purchasing firewood on credit cards with interest rates! Not only that, but many customers who would like to purchase firewood now but spread out the payments can do so with our payment plan! Click here for a link to our payment plan information page, if you’d like more about it.

Resolution #3 “Get Fit”  – As many of you who have ever cut, split, stacked, and carried our green, 100% birch firewood know, you can get *a serious total body workout with our firewood in logs or rounds (non-split pieces)! We call this the Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter Workout :)! Click here for a link about getting fit with firewood. Click here for a link to men’s health article by Time magazine about chopping wood. By the way, the wood cutter physique, beard, and clothing style is all the rage at this time, men 🙂 – click here a link for information about that!

Resolution #4 “Take a Trip” – By purchasing, processing (if applicable), and storing Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s green birch firewood at this time of year, you free your time up this spring and summer for taking a trip to Copper River for dip netting, Denali National Park for sight-seeing, Valdez for halibut fishing, and more!

Resolution #5 “Save Money” – These two words have been a part of our motto for years (“Buy Now, Season Yourself, and Save Money!) For several years it has been cheaper to purchase our green wood, process, and season it oneself, than to purchase seasoned, processed, and delivered firewood from a commercial wood seller in the winter months, or purchase heating oil. Though it is impossible for us to predict with certainty next winter’s commercial seasoned firewood sellers’, and heating oil, prices, we believe that this will likely continue to hold true next winter.

Resolution #6 “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” – Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter is an environmentally-conscious wood cutter and seller who believes very much in living the old adage, “Waste Not, Want Not”. When you purchase firewood from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter, you are helping create healthy local boreal forests (reducing over-mature and unhealthy growth so that healthy, younger trees and growth can thrive); using a very renewable, plentiful wood energy source; and if you compost your birch scraps, allow the scraps to naturally break down in your soil, use the bark or pieces for crafting, you are recycling! Click here and here for a few links to more information about this.

Resolution #7 “More Family Time” – Working together, as a family, on getting the Interior Alaskan family woodpile built-up is an excellent way to build family bonds and family health! It is an excellent time for teaching children about responsibility, safety, and life in Interior Alaska. It gives children (and mom and dad!) a sense of security, knowing that their parents are looking out for their family’s future heating needs. The link from Resolution #3 about getting fit with firewood has information about the health benefits of building the family woodpile. Click here for a link to a WHtheWC blog post about safely building a family woodpile together.

Resolution #8 “Enjoy Life More” – Having an adequate supply of firewood seasoning in one’s yard brings such an enjoyable, strong peace of mind to many Interior Alaskans. There’s nothing, really, to compare with the feeling of having enough seasoned firewood to get through a typical FNSB area winter, especially when one considers the problems that occur among neighbors and in our community from burning green firewood, or the stress of finding oneself in need of seasoned firewood in the winter with limited funds. Buying your green firewood from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter – who guarantees that every cord your purchase will be full and your satisfaction – can definitely help you achieve this peace of mind, which so many find enjoyable and fulfilling.

Resolution #9 “Get a Better Job” – We do hope to expand our business this year, and in doing so, hope to hire a few people who will receive fair pay, Fridays and Saturdays off, and paid vacation and personal time.

Resolution #10 “Help Others” – When you purchase green, 100% birch firewood from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter, season it, and burn it responsibly and considerately, you are helping not only our forest health, but others in our community. Here is a link to our “About” page for more information Without our customers, we wouldn’t even have a business that allows us to do the things we do. Thank you to those of you who have been, are, or plan to be our customers!

Resolution #11 “Quit Smoking” – We can’t help but to think of adding the words “Out Our Borough” to this resolution, by burning seasoned firewood instead of green J. On the originally intended note, perhaps those who smoke tobacco (who are physically able) could go do some *firewood chores each time they feel the urge to smoke and continue until the urge passes. Knowing that you’re doing something healthy when the urge to do something unhealthy hits can be positive not only physically, but mentally. You may be interested in knowing that Wayne used smokeless tobacco for years and keeping busy with firewood (along with nicotine lozenges) helped him quit for good in 2010.

Resolution #12 “Lose Weight” – Firewood processing chores definitely count as *physical activity, which, along with a healthy diet, can help one lose weight! See also Resolution #3.

*Processing (cutting, splitting), stacking, carrying, etc. firewood can be very physically demanding. Before processing firewood, please check with your healthcare provider to make sure that you (and anyone else in your family who you will be working with – especially children) can do so safely.  The risks of firewood processing, if one isn’t physically up-to-task (and only a healthcare provider can help determine that) are very real, and can include: broken bones, serious cuts, heart attacks, and much more.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! We hope that you will consider allowing Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter to help you meet your winter 2015-2016 home heating needs and New Year’s resolutions!


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