Craft Link Tuesdays!

        Each week, on Tuesday mornings at 7:00 a.m., we share a link to a birch wood or firewood-related craft on our Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter Facebook page! For those who don’t have a Facebook account, we will also share the link here. From quilting to candle holders to wall decorations and more, we hope you’ll find some great craft ideas and inspiration each Tuesday! 

        We began these link posts on December 16, 2015. Below you will find the first post/link and this week’s!

        In January 2015, we hope to “go live” with at least one craft link a month by meeting locally and crafting a free birch craft (compliments of Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter) together!

December 16, 2015

        This week’s Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter Craft Link is to an easy-to-sew quilt block called the “Saw Tooth Star”! At this link you’ll find easy-to-follow-and-sew directions!

        The photo is of a little pillow that we made this weekend in the Saw Tooth Star pattern – though our corners didn’t line-up very well . On the bright side, it definitely has that “homemade” look!


December 23, 2014

        Today’s Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s Craft Link Tuesday link is to an easily made birch bark ornament! Here’s the link

Bonus Link – Here is a link to many more great ideas for birch bark ornaments!

More Bonus Links – For those of you who are interested in making the birch trinket box from the photo we posted last night, here’s a link for making a similar one, and here’s a link for making a more intricate one

        Adding birch bark art to one’s home is a wonderful way to bring a bit of marvelous Interior Alaskan nature indoors!

        If you need complimentary birch bark to make either craft, just let us know by sending a message through Facebook, by e-mailing, or by giving us a call at (907)-488-WHWC (9492).

        If you make a birch bark ornament or trinket box and would like to share a photo of it, please do! We’d love to see it!

        Have a super Tuesday!

(C) 2014, All Rights Reserved

© 2014, All Rights Reserved


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