Now’s a Great Time to Purchase Firewood from Wayne!

        Now is a great time of year to get Wayne’s green, 100% birch firewood! The wood will have nearly a full-year to season for next winter’s burning (under normal weather conditions for our area of Alaska) and customers have the peace of mind of knowing that (for more information on each, click the link):

1.) They’re preparing now to stay warm next winter.

2.) They won’t likely find themselves in the stressful situation of trying to find immediately available, quality seasoned wood next winter, nor will they have to pay more for seasoned wood at that time.

3.) Each cord purchased from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter comes with his full-cord and customer satisfaction guarantees.

4.) They get what they pay for: quality birch firewood, full cords, fair prices, and the assurance that comes from doing business with a Better Business Bureau accredited business.

5.) They are helping the health of our local boreal forests and our local economy!

        So if you’re ready to “Buy Now, Season Yourself, and Save Money!” with Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s green, 100% birch firewood, we’d be glad to meet your need!

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