Wayne’s Having a $20.00 Off Per Cord Sale!

        Order three or more cords of Wayne’s green, 100% birch firewood between November 9, 2014 and November 16, 2014 and get $20.00 off per cord! 

Customers are welcome to use Wayne’s payment plan with these savings!

canstockphoto18556224 (2)
This offer applies to Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s green (unseasoned) 100% birch firewood and is only valid on orders of three cords or more that are purchased between November 9, 2014 through November 16, 2014.
Wayne sells:
Split cords (app. 16″ long) for $300.00 per cord ($280.00 with this offer),
Round cords (unsplit pieces app. 16″ long each) for $250.00 per cord ($230.00 with this offer)
Five-Cord Log Truck Loads (app. 20′ long logs) for $975.00 ($195.00 per cord, sold in five-cord increments; $875.00 and $175.00 with this offer).
All cords purchased from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter include free delivery in the Fairbanks North Star Borough and his full-cord and customer satisfaction guarantees.
For purchase and delivery information, click here.

Contact Wayne:

Phone – (907)-488-WHWC (9492)

E-mail – waynehunterthewoodcutter@yahoo.com

Alaska Business License Number – 920395

Better Business Bureau Member Number – 22536667

Click Here for the Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter Facebook Page


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