Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter: Helping the Local Forests and Economy

        An Anchorage Dispatch News article titled “Summer Heat, Invasive Insects Take Toll on Interior Alaska Birch Trees” (http://www.adn.com/article/20141011/summer-heat-invasive-insects-take-toll-interior-alaska-birch-trees) was published on October 11, 2014. Though times have been hard for our local trees, there is a bright side for Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter customers…

        Did you know that purchasing your firewood from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter is *helping* the health of our local boreal forests? By removing over-mature trees and exposing the mineral soil through a process called “scarification” in the areas that he cuts your firewood from, he is working to regenerate the forests with healthy new birch and spruce!

        Wayne is also helping local boreal forest wildlife health. When he cuts in the winter, the tree tops provide a great, easily accessible food for moose. Whenever it is safe to do so, he also leaves some rotten top birch as a habitat for nesting birds, wood peckers, small owls, flying squirrels, and other animals who call such trees “home” and make use of them. 


        Doing what Wayne does isn’t just important for our local forests, it’s also important for our personal and local economies. To be able to use this wood as firewood puts it to excellent use! It is also most often cheaper than heating oil, and because Wayne sells his wood green for customers to season themselves, it is usually cheaper than seasoned firewood.

        Though some of the rounds and logs Wayne delivers have decay in the middle due to the trees being over-mature (click here to learn more about this, if you’d like), he guarantees that after the decay is removed, each of his customers will have a full cord of solid, hard birch. If you garden, the decaying wood can go straight to your compost pile (just be sure to add some “green” nitrogen material with it, as it is considered a “brown” carbon material), so while you may not be burning it, it is still adding to your personal economy by enriching your garden soil and what grows in it! 

        Wayne is honored to work with state and local foresters to provide the forest and his customers with what each needs: affordable energy and healthy forests. He loves the beautiful forests that he works in, and he loves being able to provide a necessary fuel source to those who, like him, call this part of beautiful Interior Alaska “home”. 

        Thank you to each of you who has bought Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s green birch firewood. You have not only invested in your personal warmth (which is a huge deal here in Interior Alaska!), but a small family and veteran-owned and operated business, and our local forests. We also thank each of you who support him in what he does by your friendship, encouragement, reading this blog, and “Liking” his page and posts on his Facebook page (linked to in the right side bar of this page). You’re the best customers and friends that a wood cutter could possibly have and we appreciate you! 


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