This is the Perfect Time of Year for Wayne’s Affordable Firewood!

   Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter is: Licensed * Insured * Better Business Bureau Accredited * Environmentally and Economically Conscious * Family Owned and Operated

~ ~ ~

         Now is the perfect time of year (late September 2014) to order Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s 100% green birch firewood! Below are just a few great reasons to do so:

  • It will have a full-year to season for next winter.
  • There’ll be no stress over trying to find seasoned firewood for sale next winter.
  • Buying guaranteed full-cords of Wayne’s green firewood is most often cheaper than purchasing seasoned firewood.
  • Each cord of Wayne’s wood comes with his full-cord and customer satisfaction guarantees. 
  • It’s a great time of year to be out in the yard processing firewood!
  • The firewood chores for next winter will be done so that summer 2015 is free of firewood chores, leaving more time for fun in the Interior Alaskan sun, and summer vacations free of worry about getting firewood!
  • No mosquitoes to deal with while processing the wood.
  • The great feeling and the peace of mind that comes from looking out one’s window, or into the yard, and seeing one’s adequate woodpile seasoning in preparation for the future.

         If you would like to order firewood, Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter offers payment methods and options to fit nearly every budget! He accepts payment via cash, personal checks, major credit cards, and through PayPal. He also offers a zero-interest payment plan with flexible payment options (click here for more information about this, if you’d like), and is an authorized State of Alaska Heating Assistance Program vendor (click here for more information about this, if you’d like). Fairbanks North Star Borough widows age sixty and over are welcome to receive a cut, split, and stacked cord of firewood at no cost per year.

        To place your order or for more information, give us a call or send us an e-mail at (907)-488-WHWC, We’d be honored to meet, and hopefully exceed, your need for firewood!

Below are Photos of Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter’s 100% Green Birch Firewood with Current Pricing – Click the Photos if You Would Like to Enlarge Them

Approximately Four Cords of Wayne's Green, Split Birch Firewood

Approximately Four Cords of Wayne’s Green, Split Birch Firewood $300.00 per Cord

WHtheWC Round Firewood Pieces

WHtheWC’s Green Round Firewood Pieces $250.00 per Cord

A Five Cord Log Truck Load of 100% Green Birch Firewood Logs $975.00 per Log Truck Load ($195.00 per Cord)


Contact Wayne:

Phone – (907)-488-WHWC (9492)


Alaska Business License Number 920395

Better Business Bureau Member Number 22536667


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