Interior Alaska’s Full-Time Firewood Professional

Wayne Working the Night Shift

Wayne Working the Night Shift

        Did you know that Wayne is a full-time woodsman? Selling firewood isn’t a sideline for him or a part-time business, it is his profession. He works nearly everyday, in a variety of ways, to excel in his profession, and we hope that it shows. 

        Wayne works in Interior Alaskan boreal forests, personally skidding, loading, and doing some cutting six days a week, most every week. He personally delivers each order of firewood he receives. He also works with our local and state foresters to do all he can to not only maintain, but improve the health of the forests he works in. That takes study, implementation of what he’s learned, and good old-fashioned work.

        Wayne also tries his best to keep up with the latest studies and issues related to firewood in Interior Alaska, and to pass this information on to his customers and those seeking this information.

        Wayne works the way he does because it is important:

  • For his customers, he knows that being able to heat one’s home during an Interior Alaskan winter is a matter of literal survival in this great land. Being able to afford to do so is essential to a family’s financial health and well-being.
  • Keeping our forests in the best shape for today and generations to come is essential to all of our, our children’s, and our grandchildren’s well-being.
  • In addition to providing a necessary item for his customers, and providing for the health of our forests, he is providing for his family by doing what comes naturally to him (he’s a second generation woodsman).
  • Giving his all to his profession gives him riches of the heart and mind that are priceless; being surrounded by wildlife and the beautiful forests, and knowing that he’s helping them out, and getting to know his wonderful customers – there are blessings that come with doing these things that can’t be measured.
  • All of these things give Wayne satisfaction in not only the job he’s doing, but why he’s doing it, and who he’s doing it for; it’s for all of us: his customers, his family, himself, and all Interior Alaskans in this and future generations.

        If you’re considering purchasing firewood, we ask that you keep Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter in mind. Selling firewood isn’t just a business to him, it is a way to make not just a living, but to make a life worth living now and in the generations to come. 

        Thank you for visiting this website! 

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