Wayne’s September Sale!

Now is a great time of year to stock-up on, process, and begin seasoning firewood for the 2015 – 2016 winter season! 

Wayne’s having a September sale! During the month of September 2014, customers who order ten cords of firewood of any type: rounds, split, or logs, get $100 off the total price of their orders!

If you’d like to order ten cords now and pay at PFD time, you’re welcome to do so!

All cords sold by Wayne come with his full-cord and customer satisfaction guarantees (click here to read more about these, if you’d like), and free delivery in the Fairbanks North Star Borough (more information about pricing, ordering, and delivering can be found by clicking here)!

To Place an Order Give Wayne a Call or Send Him a Message at:

488-WHWC (9492) or WayneHuntertheWoodCutter@yahoo.com

© 2014, Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter, All Rights Reserved

Wayne and One of His Five-Cord Log Truck Loads (Cost per Truck Load $975)

Wayne, after a Hard Day’s Work in the Woods, and One of His Five-Cord Log Truck Loads (Price $975.00 for Five Guaranteed Cords)

WHtheWC Round Firewood Pieces

WHtheWC Round Firewood Pieces (Price $250.00 per Guaranteed Cord)

Approximately Four Cords of Wayne's Green, Split Birch Firewood

Approximately Four Cords of Wayne’s Green, Split Birch Firewood (Price: $300.00 per Guaranteed Cord)


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