Why Buy Your Firewood from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter?

1. He guarantees full cords and customer satisfaction.

2.  Money spent on Wayne’s wood is money spent safely.  In addition to his guarantees, he also asks each customer to take a good look at the wood he has brought them before he unloads it to make sure that it’s acceptable to them.  Simply put, if they don’t like the wood, they’re under absolutely no obligation to purchase it.

3.  Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  This means that if a customer has an issue with Wayne or his wood that can’t be satisfactorily resolved between them, the customer has the power to take the issue to the Better Business Bureau for resolution.

4.  What Wayne is doing in our forests is environmentally and economically responsible for our community and state.  Wayne most often is cutting on timber sales from the Fairbanks North Star Borough or State of Alaska in which he is to remove over-mature birch trees.  These trees need to be responsibly removed for the health of the local forests.  By removing these trees and making them available as firewood to local residents, Wayne is helping improve the health of the forest and putting this local resource to good, responsible use.  This matters as much now as it will to future generations of Interior Alaskans.  When you purchase your 100% birch firewood from Wayne, you are being a part of responsibly managing our local forests and their resources and helping other local citizens responsibly, affordably heat their homes.

5.  Wayne’s wood is very affordable.  Wayne’s actual firewood prices are comparable to and even lower than many other local woodsellers’ prices; when you add in the quality of service, guarantees, payment options, information, and many other things that Wayne offers, you’ll find that his prices are outstanding!  Customers get a lot more than firewood when they order from Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter, they get peace of mind, support, and a sense of satisfaction! 


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