The Cold Climate Housing Research Center publication titled “Curing Firewood in Interior Alaska”, found at this link…/defau…/files/docs/curing_firewood.pdf, is our favorite resource to share with those looking for expert Interior Alaskan firewood curing/drying information!

If you’re going to cut your own firewood or purchase green (unseasoned) firewood this spring or summer and aren’t sure what the latest research says about how long, and how, it needs to cure/season, this publication’s for you!

The photo is of some of the first fire-killed spruce we started harvesting a few years ago, with a moisture meter in it reading that is seasoned/ready to burn.

IMG_4698 (2)


We are very, very pleased to announce that as of this afternoon, we became Alaska’s newest Recognized Dry Wood Seller (!


We have fire-killed spruce available that currently registers an average 12% moisture reading by the State DEC Division of Air Quality! For more on pricing and ordering this firewood, click here

When you get your ready-to-burn firewood from Wayne, you get:

* Our Full-Cord and Customer Satisfaction Guarantees (Read them here, if you’d like

* Free Delivery in the Fairbanks North Star Borough

* The Assurance that You’re Purchasing from a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business (Click here for our BBB page, if you’d like

* The Peace of Mind of Knowing that You are Purchasing Firewood from a Seller Who has Consistent 5-Star Customer Ratings and Reviews (See our Facebook reviews for many of these, if you’d like.)

*The Possibility of a Zero-Percent Interest Firewood Payment Plan (Click here for more information, if you’d like

If you need firewood in and around the Fairbanks North Star Borough, we’d be honored to serve you!

Call or text Wayne anytime for more information and or to order (907)-385-8346.

We have tested several samples of the fire-killed spruce from the Stuart Creek fire in 2013. After being split and thawed for twenty-four hours, this wood is producing average moisture readings of near 20% using the AK DEC approved model MMD4E moisture meter (the photo is a piece of it being measured, after thawing for twenty-four hours indoors). We burn this very same wood to heat our own home and are confident that you will be pleased with its performance.

We have been working hard to eliminate the backlog of orders and now have almost immediate availability of both log length and processed fire-killed spruce.

We are still taking orders for green birch, which we hope to begin harvesting in the next two weeks.

As with all WHWC firewood, our fire-killed spruce comes with full-cord and customer satisfaction guarantees (click this link for more information about these, if you’d like…/). We also have a zero-interest payment plan available for its purchase (click this link for more information about this, if you’d like

To order or for more information, give Wayne a call or text at (907)-385-8346, contact him via e-mail at WayneHuntertheWoodCutter(at)yahoo(dot)com, or message us here through Facebook.

IMG_4698 (2)