The first person who refers the actual buyer to this business will receive $1000! If you’d like to be that person, a great way to spread the word is to link to the post on this website about the business being for sale at this link ~ or ~ share the Facebook post about it at this link

We sure hope that one of you awesome people get this reward, and we hope more than anything that the new owner is the very best firewood seller the Borough has ever had – y’all deserve it! Have a fantastic Sunday!


The Cold Climate Housing Research Center publication titled “Curing Firewood in Interior Alaska”, found at this link…/defau…/files/docs/curing_firewood.pdf, is our favorite resource to share with those looking for expert Interior Alaskan firewood curing/drying information!

If you’re going to cut your own firewood or purchase green (unseasoned) firewood this spring or summer and aren’t sure what the latest research says about how long, and how, it needs to cure/season, this publication’s for you!

The photo is of some of the first fire-killed spruce we started harvesting a few years ago, with a moisture meter in it reading that is seasoned/ready to burn.

IMG_4698 (2)


We are under contract to sell our property in Salcha. In mid-May, we’ll be moving back to the farmland of Pennsylvania where I was born and raised to be nearer to family. We are also selling Wayne Hunter the Wood Cutter, LLC.

****We are offering a $1,000 referral bonus to the first person who refers the actual buyer to this business, so please feel free to share this post!****

As sold, the business will come with everything one needs to start harvesting and selling firewood immediately, including: A supply of wood, self-loading log truck, cable skidder, chain saws, dump truck, regular delivery truck, Internet presence, and much more. Our selling price is $99,000.

The business comes to the new owner debt-free, meaning that there will be no outstanding bills/debt attached to it.

The potential is outstanding, the demand for firewood from a reputable business is tremendous. If you are interested or have questions, send a message here through Facebook or give me a call (907)-385-8346.

To my customers currently on the list for firewood and those who are due firewood: I’m going take care of you before we go.

It’s been my absolute honor and privilege to have served the firewood needs of the best customers in the FNSB over the past ten years. Growing this business up with my sons has been an experience that I will treasure and hold fondly in my heart and memories for the rest of my life. Thank you to all of you who have made this possible. – Sincerely, Wayne


Note: All photos below are from the awesome Jesse Davis at Jesse Davis Images. The equipment (except for the bulldozer that Wayne’s pulling the pickup with in the first photo – the pickup is included, the bulldozer is not) shown comes with the sale! There’s also more equipment/things that come with the business that are not pictured.